Bridging the gap – Generation gap at work place and how to deal with it!

Posted by:dimenzion3

  Samantha: “Hey, did you see the new automation tool they have introduced? It’s so cool!” Padma: “Another tool, Yet again! One day these tools will replace us and we won’t have any jobs. Back in the day, things were so very different…” Samantha: “Ummm but this tool is going to make our life so…

Building visibility for career growth

Posted by:dimenzion3

So, you just missed that coveted promotion? Were you expecting a higher performance rating this appraisal season, after all that hard work through the year? Visibility matters as much as efforts do, if one wants to grow in today’s corporate world I have encountered numerous colleagues and fellow professional who profess the clichéd “I believe in hard…

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